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SEAFINE (SEAMOS-South Fine Grid Hindcast) is an Oceanweather JIP (Joint Industry Project) for development of wind and wave hindcast on a fine grid of the southern part of the South China Seas. 

In 1992, Oceanweather Inc. produced the JIP known as SEAMOS (South East Asia Meteorological and Oceanographic Hindcast Study) designed to provide definitive data on meteorological and oceanographic extreme and operational conditions to be used in aid of design of offshore structures and planning and offshore operations in the general area of the South China Sea (SCS) and the immediately contiguous basins. The complexity of the bathymetry and the relative sparseness of tropical cyclones in the southern part of the basin presented some special problems that are addressed in this update and extension of SEAMOS, which we have dubbed SEAFINE. This project not only provides an updated and greatly expanded (in terms of the historical period addressed) entire southern half of the SEAMOS domain but also very high resolution metocean hindcasts carried out with fine mesh nested grids covering the offshore and coastal resource development areas of interest to the participants of SEAFINE.

SEAFINE is based on a uniform grid of 25-km grid embedded with very-high resolution fine grid nests each with a grid spacing of about 6 km. The hindcast covers a continuous period 1956-2015.  Over 100 non-tropical storms (including monsoons) were analyzed by expert meteorologists. All tropical cyclones were hindcast using Oceanweather's tropical cyclone mesoscale model and overlaid into the continuous hindcast. The top 144 influential tropical cyclones were analyzed and archived separately at a 15-minute time step.

Time series of wave spectra at over 500 grid points in total (25-km and fine nests) were archived, exclusive of the grid points at which spectra were archived as boundary conditions.

Southern S. China Sea, Makassar Strait, Java Sea

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In 2012, a 3-D HYCOM current hindcast was added. It contains 1-hourly water level, current speed and direction with and without tide, salinity, and temperature information at up to 30 levels most recently for the period September 1992 - June 2012.

SEAFINE-NORTH extends the domain (where the original SEAMOS/SUS/SOUP grid exists) northward to ~27N on a 0.05 degree grid. Major improvements to the techniques and modeling of tropical systems have been made since SEAMOS was first developed making it desirable to reanalyze the top storms in the basin.

SEAFINE-NORTH contains winds and waves for the period July 1956 - June 2015 on a high resolution grid comparable to SEAFINE with reanalysis of the top tropical and monsoon events within the period.


  • Time series of wind and wave parameters in ASCII or OSMOSIS format
  • Return period extremes for wind speed, wave height (significant, maximum and crest) and wave period
  • Operability statistics expressed as monthly and annual frequency-of-occurence tables and persistence/duration statistics
  • Directional wave spectra
  • 3-D HYCOM current hindcast to complement the wind and wave hindcast


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