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GOMOS is Oceanweather's comprehensive metocean study for the Gulf of Mexico. It is intended as a follow-on to the Gulf JIP's (Joint Industry Projects) GUMSHOE (Hurricane Extremes), WINX (Winter Storm Extremes), and GLOW (Operational Statistics) which have set the standard for design criteria in the Gulf. GOMOS was updated and renamed "GOMOS08" in 2009 to include 2006-2008,"GOMOS2014" to include 2009-2014, "GOMOS2017" to include 2015-2017, and most recently "GOMOS2020" to include 2018-2022.

GOMOS2020 includes a 43-year continuous wind and wave hindcast for the period 1980-2022, 455 tropical events (hurricanes) for the period 1900-2022, and 139 extra-tropical events (winter storms) for the period 1950-2022. The storm portions have been run through the wave and current/surge models.

Oceanweather's 3rd generation wave model adapted a 1/16th degree grid (7km) for the storms and a 1/8th degree grid (14km) for the operational. The 43-year continuous period includes detailed reanalysis of all tropical systems as well as kinematic analysis of all significant (extra-tropical) storm events.


7km Storms

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14km Operational

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  • Time series of wind and wave parameters, surge height, and vertically integrated current speed and direction.
  • Time series of current profiles in deep water (75 m and greater) for tropical storm events.
  • Fatigue and operability data expressed in monthly and annual frequency of occurrence tables of wind speed by wind direction; wave height by wave period and direction and exceedance/non-exceedance duration statistics for wind speed and wave height.
  • Wave spectra (where available)

GOMOS results are licensed for specific offshore blocks and can be purchased for the Continuous, Tropical, or Extra-Tropical results separately or as a bundled product. There are options for access to the entire Gulf Of Mexico US region (at and north of 25 North) and Mexican region (south of 25 North) within our GOMOS_USA and GOMOS_MEX projects. For more information on GOMOS, GOMOS2020, GOMOS_USA, and GOMOS_MEX please contact Oceanweather.



For more information please contact oceanwx@oceanweather.com


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