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MetOcean Studies details the numerous JIPs (Joint Industry Projects) and products that Oceanweather has already developed. In addition to the studies listed here, Oceanweather has performed hundreds of custom hindcast studies for applications worldwide. See our Dedicated Studies page for information on how we can help you with your individual metocean needs. Also, be sure to view our Research pages for detailed information on the hindcast process and the expertise Oceanweather provides.

OWI Speculative "Spec" Products - Spec products are products licensed, administered, and governed by Oceanweather (OWI) and/or a partner in the product. OWI Spec products include the following categories of hindcasts: Advanced Spec, GROW-FINE, and GROW. Spec products are different from a JIP in that they are sold on a per point or per block basis and do not require full participation in the entire hindcast (see JIP definition below).

Advanced Spec - Analyses of all wind fields including intensive tropical cyclone modeling are included on grids similar in resolution to GROW-FINE. These products also include either 2-D or 3-D current modeling.

GROW-FINE - GROW-FINE hindcasts are generally GROW winds run on a finer resolution wave grid, which resolves the coastline, islands, and bathymetry better than GROW alone. Additional analysis of the winds for the highest rank storms by an expert meteorologist may also be included.

GROW - GROW is intended as a fast turnaround product for initial estimates of site-specific extremes and operability data for the global oceans. Final design criteria, especially those in tropical basins, are best served by a more intense hindcast approach of the other three categories or a dedicated hindcast.

GROW Add-on - GROW-MET, GROW-HYDRO, and GROW-TIDE are datasets available for purchase by the point alone or in conjunction with any of OWI's speculative products.

Joint Industry Project (JIP) - Basin-wide studies in frontier areas where participants receive large archives of grid points. Intensive wind analyses are performed for all high-ranked storms and many, if not all, background wind fields are reviewed. Although the upfront costs may be higher, participants typically benefit from ongoing updates, verification against their own measurements, and input into deciding future work performed by Oceanweather or other specialists. Oceanweather has over four decades of experience with JIPs covering essentially every major basin. Some historical JIPs include:

  • BORE
  • GLOW
  • NEXT
  • NUG
  • SOUP
  • SUS
  • WANE
  • WASP
  • WAX
  • WINX

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