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Oceanweather Inc. is a specialized metocean consulting firm serving the coastal and ocean engineering communities since 1977. Our approach is to develop and apply high-level technology to satisfy practical requirements in marine meteorology, ocean wave and current specification, ocean engineering, and statistics of environmental data. Our services include atmospheric/oceanographic research, site-specific consulting/modeling, operational forecasting, and generation of long-term climatologies for operability and design in the marine environment.


  • PERGOS-2 Updated to Include 2018

    Oceanweather (OWI), in collaboration with partner DHI, have updated the PERGOS-2 hindcast to include 2018. This brings the continuous/operational hindcast years to 1979-2018 and the storms hindcast to 1961-2018. PERGOS-2 will remain on the fine ~2 km grid for winds and waves and 0.025° (2.8 km) grid for hydrodynamic variables. A summary can be found here.

    For further information regarding PERGOS-2 or any of our other speculative products, please contact Erin Harris via email at erinh@oceanweather.com or by phone at +1 203-661-3091.

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  • Special Session for Dr. Vincent Cardone

    Oceanweather’s (OWI) founder, Dr. Vincent Cardone, was honored for his contributions to oceanography and meteorology at the 2nd International Workshop on Waves, Storm Surges, and Coastal Hazards in Melbourne, Australia. Vince was a long-time attendee and presenter at the wave workshop series (16 in total) up until his passing in 2013. A full catalog of his workshop papers and presentation are available at www.waveworkshop.org.

    Chairing the special session was Val Swail, the wave workshop founder and long-time friend of Vince. Val is retired from Environment Canada, but is very active in the Joint Commission on Marine Meteorology (JCOMM) and other organizations. The session included talks from Don Resio (this year’s recipient of the Vincent Cardone Memorial Prize for Marine Meteorology), Luigi Cavalari, Greg Holland, and OWI’s President, Andrew Cox.

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  • GROW-FINE Mediterranean (GFMED) 2018 Update

    Oceanweather has updated the GROW-FINE Mediterranean (GFMED) hindcast to include 2018. This brings the standard hindcast years to 1979-2018. GFMED will remain on the fine 0.125 degree/14 km and 0.025/3 km grids covering the Mediterranean Sea basin. The hindcast contains winds and waves for the entire grid (top figure, below) with a subsection also containing currents and water levels for the eastern portion (bottom figure, below).

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